We’ve all had that exciting moment when we get our hands on the latest skincare treatment and eagerly slather it onto our faces. But, despite the wonderful claims that the product makes, we don’t usually notice any results over the next couple of days – or weeks. Before you give up hope, you should know that it takes time for these goodies to work.

“You need to use most products consistently, for at least eight weeks, to see what they can do,” reports Allure Magazine. Acne treatments, though, like Dermalogica – mediBac Clearing Adult Acne Treatment Kit, usually work their magic faster.

Keep in mind that your particular skin might respond to products even slower. According to the news source, how you react to a product depends on a variety of factors, from your physiology to your metabolism to your skin type.

So just remember, next time you pick up a great anti-aging product, keep using it on a regular basis – even if you don’t notice results right away. You should eventually start noticing improvements in your complexion.

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