The harsh winter season tends to steal away the moisturized glow from your skin, leaving it flaky, itchy, and dull. Don’t compromise on your skin this holiday season, and get back the ultimate glow with all the amazing products we recommend in this blog. All you need is a little help from these top choices, especially if your skin becomes too dry during winter.

From your face to your body, we have compiled some of the best products to help you achieve glowing skin this winter. Keep on reading.


Exfoliating your skin twice a week can help you get the glowing complexion of your dreams. It helps strip away any dead skin and unclog pores. This REN Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic is the perfect gentle exfoliator for winter. It contains lactic acid and willow bark, which help smoothen the skin and give it a softer appearance.

If you have oily skin, using this exfoliator can reduce sebum production and keep you from getting any flare-ups. This exfoliating tonic evens out the skin tone, removing any dark spots on the skin. To use this tonic, pour it on some cotton pads and apply it all over your face. Don’t forget your neck area!


Dry skin during colder months gives it a full appearance and can cause it to flake. Avoid this problem by using the Amy Myers MD Hydrating Ceramide Cream. Adding this cream to your daily skincare routine will help keep your skin moisturized throughout the day.

It contains a mixture of ceramides that give your skin a natural glow and help lock in moisture. If you have eczema or other dry skin problems, this ceramide cream is a good pick for you. It is gentle on the skin and helps fight your skin’s aging process. Vitamin C, lactic acid, aloe vera, and green tea are just some of the nourishing ingredients of this cream.


Have your skin lost its glow due to the harsh weather? Is the dryness making dark spots more visible? These are problems that can be combated with the help of a brightening serum. Try out the Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Brightening Capsule Ampoule. This serum can help brighten your skin and bring a natural glow.

This amazing product contains microbeads that absorb into the skin easily. Most serums are sticky, but this one dries easily and is lightweight. One of the primary ingredients is Madagascan Cantella, which is known to calm down any inflammation on the skin. Last but not the least, this serum also has Niacinamide that restores your skin’s natural barrier. This serum works wonders in getting rid of sun spots or hyperpigmentation.


Want to get glowing skin that makes your makeup look amazing? This LOUMI Skincare Rose Glow Illuminating Oil can help. Applying this oil underneath your makeup makes it go on smoother as well. Made from natural ingredients, this illuminating oil is just what you need for a brighter and even skin tone.

What’s even cooler is that this product has a mesmerizing rose scent. So not only will you be looking amazing but smelling great as well! Use this oil before you put on your moisturizer for maximum sun protection. It can help ease any inflammation on the skin and heal broken skin.


Winters make it hard to achieve that natural sun-kissed tan we all love. Sure, you can go to the tanning salon, but that isn’t the best option for your skin. This Ame Pure Glow Getter Self-Tanning Mist is easy to use and gives amazing results. You can get this spray tanner in different shades, like medium and dark depending on your preference.

All you need to do is spritz your body with this tanning mist. You don’t even need to rub it in or wash it off. You can apply a few more layers if you want a deeper color. This will help you get that beachy tan without even leaving the house!

Add More Glow

Now that we’ve worked on getting that internal glow with all these products, let’s move on to makeup! Highlighters can help you achieve that glowing goddess look in an instant. This Jazmine Beauty Coastin’ Illuminating Highlighter is just what you need for your holiday glam look.

Since this highlighter is buildable, you can keep adding until you reach your desired glow. The shade “holder hour” looks good on all skin tones. The best thing about this highlighter is that it is enriched with white tea and camellia flower extract. So you’re nourishing your skin while you wear thigh highlighter.

Exfoliation for the Body

Yes, your face is important, but so is your body. The skin on your elbows and knees tends to become drier during winter. This can make the skin look ashy and even cause it to itch. To avoid this, try this Sun Coast Bali Breeze Salt Scrub. It helps to buff away any dead skin on your body.

Use a handful of this scrub in the shower and watch all the dead skin flakes wash away. Unlike oily scrubs, this one washes away without leaving any oily residue on your body. It has a light floral scent that will make you smell good all day. This scrub is infused with lemongrass and bergamot, which help to ease anxiety.

Body Tan

Tanning the body tends to be a time-consuming task. Instead of spending hours applying fake tan, try this Give Them Lala Beauty Body Glow instead. It is available in many shades, like Venus and Shooting Star. Not only does it help give your body a natural sun-kissed tan, but it leaves it glowing as well.

All you need to do is add a few drops of this body glow to your favorite lotion. Then apply it all over your body for a natural tan.