For many women, the lower lashes often present problems. It’s tough to decide whether you really need to use mascara on them to make them stand out, as it could throw your look off-balance. And sometimes certain formulas can smear and smudge, leaving you with raccoon eyes. But have you ever considered curling your lower lashes?

Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog recently wondered whether curling your lower lashes is necessary. One makeup artist posted a video of herself applying false lashes, and during the tutorial she stopped to curl the hairs on her lower lash line. Weird or completely normal?

If you’re thinking of testing the effect out for yourself, a tool like Colorescience Pro – Professional Curler could come in handy. After all, a manual lash curler might be a bit awkward to maneuver under there, even though that’s what the makeup artist in the video used.

As for the mascara problem, you don’t have to worry about migrating formulas if you use Too Faced – Lash Injection Pinpoint Mascara. It creates waterproof tubes around your lashes that will last all day.

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