Consider the way you look after a day in the sun – are the apples of your cheeks the only part of your face that receive a dose of healthy color? We think you know what the answer is, which is why we’re encouraging you to look skyward as you extend your blush to your temples and forehead.

“Pat McGrath – the makeup guru who engineered the blushing-at-the-temples look for Versace spring show – rightly notes that blush sitting on the apples of your cheeks alone has a tendency to look oddly ‘done,'” writes “Kind of like you’re on your way to your first dance recital or a retiree who didn’t have her bifocals on when on when she was slapping on some color.”

This is also a good trick to keep in your back pocket for days when you need a bit of a wake-me-up. Nothing can perk you up more than a healthy dose of blush applied to your cheekbones and temples, as opposed to color positioned on the center of your cheeks, which will likely make you look a little tired and weighed down.

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