Take a second to think about your daily shower routine. Step in, get wet…then what? If you wash your body before you wash and condition your hair, that may be the reason why you have acne on your back or chest.

Your conditioner may be staying on your skin after you rinse it out of your hair, clogging pores and creating those pesky pimples. To avoid this, simply wash your body after your hair. If you’re one of those ladies who keep conditioner in while you do the rest of your routine, clip it up and off of your skin before rinsing it out. Give your back and chest an extra rinse before you step out of the shower.

It may help to choose a body wash specially formulated to clear up skin. June Jacobs – Green Tea and Cucumber Purifying Shower Gel sweeps away impurities while moisturizing. June Jacobs – Citrus Clarifying Conditioner will nourish and detangle your hair without leaving any oil or extra weight – perfect for keeping your skin clear of blemishes. It may take a while to get used to your new shower routine, but the benefits will be noticeable.

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