For far too long, ladies everywhere have heard little more than beauty advice urging them to look natural, fresh-faced, and always balanced. The classic dictate that commands one to focus on the eyes or the lips – but never both – is now stepping aside to an alternative practice which the terms the “DoubleGlam” makeup look.

“It made ripples in 2010 and made waves on the catwalks this spring,” the news source explains. “Assuming you get just the right mismatch between the eyes and lips, you still might hate it anyway. Think 60’s idol meets Frankenstein’s make-up bag, team off-colours with bold shading and even bolder brows.”

To pull off a true DoubleGlam, the Independent recommends using bold colors (even better if they’re layered), strong, thick brows and, admittedly, striking a balance by opting for neutral garb.

For this, we suggest picking out a few hi-fi eyeshadows – try at least one shade you wouldn’t normally dare to touch – and try mixing and matching them across your eyelids. If you’re not into the whole painterly-canvas eyelid look, you can still nab a DoubleGlam with dramatic winged eyeliner paired with a bold pout.

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