While you might be expecting knitted wear and cozy trousers to take over the upcoming season, the fashion gurus’ style statements suggest otherwise.

Blame it on the general warm weather, designers and stylists picks have remnants of spring and summer scattered throughout runways and streets likewise. While overcoats and luxe fabrics are definitely the way forward, there are still hints of warmer season in terms of off-shoulder tops and flow-y laces.

Read on to reveal some of the more wearable Fall 2016 Fashion trends this season:


Here are some of the Fall runway designers’ top fabric picks for the season:


A rather obvious winter fabric, the luxe velvet is back again this year. From velvet pants to velvet coats, from long velvet asymmetrical dress to velvet pant suits, pick the soft, luxurious fabric in a striking jewel tone and you are good to go for the season.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trend Guide


Another cold season fabric, brocade is yet again making a comeback this season. If the gorgeously ornate fabric is not enough to convince you to wear it, rest assured that you are simply following what Prada proudly flaunted over the Fall runways.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trend Guide

And, don’t forget the gilded, metallic accents over the rich decorative fabric. Simply, another reason to hop on to the trend.


No, not your tacky, old bright fur coats and drab grandma pelts. This season is bringing back fur in a classy, artful way.

The designers brought back fur in gorgeous, spring color palettes with such creative patterning that you can’t help but get at least one fur coat for your wardrobe this season.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trend Guide


A slight misfit for the colder season, lace is a standout trend to try this season.

But for this boring old summer trend, here is the twist: wear it in dark colors to give your pretty self an edgy look. Straight out of a fairy-tale yet modernly, minimalistic. With a little added tinsel, these make for perfect for night-out events, be it a grand party or a romantic date.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trend Guide

Style Statements

So while all your dress choices are fine with the said fabrics, what about some Fall specific style statements?


Coats, overcoats, trench coats, all kinds of coats. Ofcourse, a must-have for the colder seasons, coats are definitely a part of the upcoming trends. But how do you add a style statement to it?

Opt for muted plaid coats with plaid printed dresses, colorful leather coats (no boring camel color this season) and striking navy overcoats.

All three of these styles would make for perfect statements this Fall. Plaid coats with just the right amount of complimentary similar pattern are perfect for every day wear.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trend Guide

And when you want to make your presence known, simply pick up a leather coat in a striking red or a gorgeous purple color. If you want to stick to basics, a glossy black one with contrasting white stitch lines would perfectly do to!

Fall 2016 Fashion Trend Guide

If you are someone who follows trend to the T, then navy overcoats are the way to go. The nautical, double-breasted coat has made a classical comeback this season. The only difference is now it’s better, longer and ultra-streamlined to show off your silhouette.


One Shoulder Top

What’s a fashion season without a major throwback to the last century?

This season pay homage to the 80s with one shoulder tops. While off-the-shoulder tops were already a rage last season, the designers decided to stick with baring only one shoulder this Fall.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trend Guide

Add a little ruffle to it and you have the perfect retro feel!


Since it won’t be too cold anytime soon to opt for sweaters, capelets make for the perfect season transitional wear.

These small capes, just enough to cover the shoulders, are minimalistic, chic and just the right amount of Victorian retro. Designers paired them with almost everything to prove to you just how versatile yet practical is the new trend.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trend Guide


Accessories add the necessary oomph to the most boring of the dresses. Jewelry, purses or shoes, all work to make a dress into an outfit and this season, the right accessories can add the glam right back to the otherwise dreary, cold days.

Statement Chokers

The retro thin chokers are all well and good. But what’s going to add glamour this Fall are the statement chokers.

Bold, chunky and possibly, gilded, statement chokers are the perfect accessory this season. Pair them up with chunky earrings or go solo with them, there is no wrong way to do the chokers right this Fall.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trend Guide

Eccentric Boots

Ofcourse, boots are a must-have for the upcoming seasons but not your classic old boots. The boots too are having a major throwback moment, in honour of David Bowie (and the Spice Girls).

Fall 2016 Fashion Trend Guide

Mix in heels, platforms and boots and you have the David Bowie style boots for the season! Wear them with jeans, wear them with a dress, wear them ankle-length or knee-length, wear them laced or wear them leopard printed, they are all on trend!

What’s your favorite fashion trend this season?

Image Credits: Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Stylecaster.