Whatever your body type, there is style of jeans that is flattering on you. It’s just a matter of finding what cut and style will look the best on your body. Generally women’s bodies have been put into four categories – Pear, Apple, Hourglass, and Column. However, recently more specific categories under each of these have been introduced, so you can get fashion advice that’s even more specific to your body type.


Pear-shaped body types can come in standard pear shaped, bell, or bowling pin shapes. Pear-shaped bodies have a wider lower half with a smaller upper half. High rise jeans will balance out your figure, while large pockets without too much detail will minimize your butt.

Bell body types have long legs and large butts. You should look for long inseams and wide leg pants. Jeans with a contoured waist and a lower rise in front will lengthen your torso. Bodies shaped like bowling pins carry most of their weight around the thighs. Bootcut and straight leg jeans with a slightly higher rise work best.


Apple body types fall into the brick, the goblet, and the classic apple categories. The apple shape is characterized by a wider belly with thin legs. Trouser cut jeans and skinny jeans work best to show off your thin legs.

The brick body type is muscular with broad shoulders, narrow hips, and generous thighs. Stretch fabric will go over your muscles better, while twisted seams will add curves. The goblet shape has a well-endowed upper half and a thinner lower half. Skinny jeans will help your hips appear to balance your top half.


Hourglass bodies can be vase shaped, cello shaped, or hourglass shaped. Hourglass body types have curvy butts and long legs. Wide leg pants will balance out your calves with your butt. Cuts that are bigger in the hips than the waist will prevent gap waist.

The vase shape is just slightly curvy than the hourglass shape. Most leg cuts are flattering, while a moderate rise is best around the waist. Cello body types are very curvy with a longer waist. Wide leg jeans are best, especially with dark washes and stretch fabric.


The column category can be divided into column, cornet, and lollipop. The column shape is tall and thin with minimal curves. Skinny jeans are good and so are flared leg jeans that are fitted above the knee.

Cornet-shaped bodies are tall and thin with wider shoulders. You should look for long inseams and skinny cuts around the legs. Lollipop body types are thin with larger breasts. Skinny jeans are a good choice and you should go with mid to low rises at the waist.

*Feature Image Credit: Walmart Live Better

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