When the days get shorter and autumn leaves begin to line the sidewalks, we know it’s time for our bright sundresses to go into hibernation. Out go the sun hats and strappy sandals, and in come the utilitarian boots and blazers. Fortunately, the end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of eye-popping style. With these five fall accessories you can keep your look fresh and colorful as you transition into autumn!

1. Rustic nail polish
Anyone who has experienced autumn in New England knows the otherworldly sensation of walking down a tree-lined lane after the leaves begin to change. This year, instead of viewing the fall fireworks from afar, join the performance with some dazzlingly bright nails! To play around with contrast, pair your most colorful polish with a more subdued outfit.

2. Velvet
As the cold sets in, the deer and foxes begin to grow their luxurious winter coats. Although the only coat you’ll be donning is the kind with a zipper, you can follow nature’s example with rich swathes of velvet. For a casual look, pair velvet flats with faded boyfriend jeans or a brown corduroy skirt. If you want to be more daring, add velvet gloves or a velvet pocketbook. Remember to maintain balance in your outfits. If you decide to wear an ornate velvet accessory, try to counter the formality with something rough, like an edgy leather jacket.

3. Lace-up boots
Have you ever stopped at an autumn farmers’ market on your way home from work? As you wander through the rows of pumpkins, you wish youTop 5 Fall 2015 Accessories! weren’t wearing your formal work shoes. You have to drape your cashmere sweater over your shoulder so you can choose peaches from a rough burlap sack. This fall, designers have captured this combination of the formal and the rustic in the lace-up boot. Neither irredeemably fancy nor truly casual, lace-up boots are perfect for both work and play. Plus, they go with everything.

4. Berets
Not everyone wants to wear a lumpy stocking cap on their head, but nobody likes cold ears, either. Luckily, this year’s selection of berets have repaired the friendship between style and warmth. Choose one in a dark wool blend for your walk to work, or pick a periwinkle knit for exploring the botanical gardens.

5. Pearls
On the runway this year, a classic staple of jewelry has become gourmet once again. Pearls are back, but they are bigger, bolder, and yes: spikier. So go ahead and excavate your grandmother’s pearls from the attic, but instead of wearing them around your neck, wrap them around your wrist with some silver bangles or thread them through your messy bun.

*Feature Image Credit: fashionisers.com