If you haven’t been keeping up with the changing world of the beauty industry, then you’re in for a surprise.

Mineral Makeup is popular for its breathable, natural and refining features and is gaining a reputation for making you look like you and enhancing your natural beauty. Mineral makeup ia not only kind to sensitive skin but is also great for non-comedogenic skin. It allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin, allowing it to stay hydrated and dewy at all times.

So if you haven’t come across mineral makeup yet, then go through this list and find out the best mineralised products in the industry.

bareMinerals – Prime Time Foundation Primer

bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer is the best skin prep product before anything else touches your skin.


Formulated from plant extracts, antioxidants, and Vitamins C and E, this foundation primer is non-sticky and has a smooth, silky texture that gives a flawless and natural look. This Primer has been formulated to be used as a base for mineral foundations i.e. powder foundations. There’s no harm in using it with liquid foundations but it works wonders with a mineralized powder foundation. The best part about using this base is that the foundation clings to the base naturally without any unflattering patches.

Jane Iredale – Liquid Minerals A Foundation Radiant

Jane Iredale is renowned for reforming the beauty industry with her unique formula and the Liquid Minerals A Foundation Radiant is an example of such a formula.


With a natural, dewy coverage, this cruelty-free serum gives a sheer to medium coverage. Its ingredients consists of hyaluronic acid which keeps your skin hydrated with a cool, warm or neutral undertone (suiting to your skin type and colour). It is created by using a newest technology in the industry which prevent active ingredients from degrading, and hence allowing actives to time release into the skin.

Its mineral pigment is hidden under the serum-quality formula gives a no make-up look and the lightweight texture definitely feel like you haven’t applied anything.

Youngblood – Mineral Rice Setting Powder

Is your t-zone tad bit out of control? Then this Youngblood Mineral Rice Setting Powder is going to put it back on track. Youngblood specialises in mineral make-up and has a celebrity status in the US for its gluten, paraben and cruelty free range.


Created from cucumber, corn flower and lemon peel extract, this setting spray keeps your foundation at bay and absorbs the unnecessary oil that starts to break down on your t-zone. The powder blends in smoothly with your skin, and its three shades for each skin colour gives a flawless matte finish.

Youngblood – Ultimate Concealer

Since Youngblood is on our radar right now, we thought of introducing you to its ultimate concealer which comes in five different shades so that it blends naturally with every skin colour.


With its creamy texture, this concealer is light reflecting and you can definitely see the difference when you apply it under your eyes. It also smooths away prominent fine lines along with minimising circles under your eyes.

A tip for fine results: Set it with some powder and the difference will be more noticeable.

bareMinerals – Invisible Bronze Powder Bronzer Medium

Finding a bronzer that goes perfectly with your skin tone and has a great texture is a challenge in itself. Too many times we come across bronzers that make our face look too orange, too dark or just very muddy.


However, people who use bareMinerals Invisible Bronze Powder Bronzer Medium never complain about all these bronzer issues because this bronzer is the opposite of challenging. It is a smooth, baked formula which gives a natural and healthy look as if it was specially customised for you. The texture is that of silk and it is one of the most blend-able powder you will ever come across. Just use a fluffy blush and let this invisible bronzer do its magic, just like an artist does on a canvas.

Colorescience Pro – Pressed Mineral Cheek Colore

Nothing beats the hues of a natural colour and this is what Colorescience focuses on. Showing us that beauty lies within ourselves, Colorescience’s products are known for their immaculate pigmentation, smooth and radiant finish along with adding a hint of natural colour to your already tinted cheeks.


The Pressed Mineral Cheek Colore comes in different shades of soft colours that are formulated using special ingredients like iron oxides, pearl powder and essential oil blend that provide your skin nourishment. Just a delicate sweep on the apple of your cheeks to dramatize them for the entire day.

bareMinerals – Crystalline Glow Highlighter Stick Iridescent Quartz

By now, you must have gathered that bareMinerals is the ultimate stop for mineralised make-up. Their range and quality of products is one-of-its-kind and the Crystalline Glow Highlighter Stick Iridescent Quartz is another example of that.

A very easy-to-use highlighter infused with shea butter resulting in a creamy texture, this glow highlighter stick gives you a next-level glow. The highlighter contains holographic and duochrome pearls which gives it the feature of changing the glow with light – yes, you heard it right! It is magical.

If you are using the iridescent quartz shade then be prepared to enjoy the glow of rose gold to yellow gold. Now you can pop one highlighter for the entire day and not get worried about its glow in different lightening. Isn’t this just a dream come true?

bareMinerals – Statement Matte Liquid Lipcolor

Nobody does minerals better than bareMinerals and what’s better than a mineral-infused lipcolor which is soft, non-sticky and long lasting?


This statement, full coverage matte liquid lipcolor comes in 10 shades of reds, pinks and berries which look fantastic on every skin tone. It is primer-infused which protects your lips from bleeding or feathering and keeps them moisturised throughout, different than the usual matte which make your lips dry after a little while of application. The plant-based waxes used in its formulation gives this long-lasting moisturized and lightweight texture.

Pixi – Mesmerizing Mineral Palette Desert Sunset

If the name of this Pixi product doesn’t give you away, then a swish of one of the gorgeous, gem-stone inspired shade leave you mesmerised.

Created from a mineral formula that reflects light and hides your imperfections while highlights the naturally-infused tones from these silky shades giving your eyes a depth.  The shades have a high pigmentation which makes them look exquisite when used solo or blended with other shades. The Mesmerizing Mineral Palette Desert Sunset has a fool proof eye enhancement element which lets your eyes do the talking.

La Bella Donna – Mineral Mascara Black

Even though false lashes have given us our ideal lashes, but we still have a devotion towards mascaras. And our ideal mascaras are the ones that gives a result similar to false lashes. Keeping this in mind, La Bella Donna have formulated this innovative and rich mascara which dramatizes your lashes and gives you a fantastic look all day long.


Its rich formula consists of vitamin E Acetate, sunflower oil, jojoba, antioxidant and biotin which nurture your lashes by enhancing their flexibility and elasticity. It has a spiral wand which curves at just the right angles allowing the intense shade to fully coat your lashes.