We all love a good beauty steal – thats effective yet affordable – but you gotta admit, a more luxurious, high-end product feels a bit more pampering, a bit more effective, especially when it comes to skincare. While most skincare products that put a dent in your wallet aren’t really up to the mark, with brands just charging premium for their name, there are some products that are worth dropping your cash for.

We promise you: these holy grail game changing products actually do have ingredients that will help you achieve seriously flawless skin in no time at all.

Check out our top picks for skincare products worth the splurge :

Alya Skin – Australian Pink Clay Mask – $39.99

Sourced from the Land Down Under, Alya Skin – Australian Pink Clay Mask is our ultimate pick for clay masks.


The Pink Clay Mask is formulated with Pink Clay which detoxifies, cleanses and invigorates your skin while bring it energy, life and balance. The mask works by removing toxins and pollutants from the skin, reduces inflammation, soothes the skin and tones the skin providing it basic levels of anti-aging benefits.

EVE LOM – Gel Balm Cleanser – $60

Eve Lom was the first one to bring out the whole idea behind cleansing balms – that help literally destroy makeup and serve as the first step to what is now popularly known as the Double Cleanse. But the balm received flak for containing mineral oils that some people found did more harm to the skin than good.


Nonetheless, the balm remained a cult classic for long. Recently, the brand launched their EVE LOM – Gel Balm Cleanser which is equally good MINUS the mineral oils. So while the cult followers have a second option, the non users have no excuse to not try it out.

iS CLINICAL – Warming Honey Cleanser – $42

Honey has been a skincare favorite ingredient for centuries now. It’s ability to attract moisture from the surroundings paired with it’s antioxidant, antifungal and antimicrobial properties make it perfect for your face cleansing rituals.

Add to the mix, nutritive ingredients like papaya enzymes, Japanese green tea extract and glycerin and you have iS CLINICAL – Warming Honey Cleansera rich, luxurious cleanser that warms upon application for a soothing and comforting cleansing experience.


It exfoliates, it nourishes, it helps treat acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, dry skin and fights premature signs of aging. Definitely worth the splurge in our books!

Dermalogica – AGE Smart Daily Superfoliant – $59

We all now know the harsh effects of the gritty scrubs that we so loved back in the 90s. alternatives? Chemical exfoliants (Acids) and powder fine exfoliants that help reveal younger looking, brighten complexion.


Dermalogica’s Microfoliant has been a cult-favorite for a long time now. The brand upped their most sold product and launched Dermalogica – AGE Smart Daily Superfoliant that works even better! Activated Binchotan Charcoal, Niacinamide, Red Algae and Tara Fruit Extract, the finely milled exfoliant not only resurfaces and deep cleanses for your smoothest skin ever but also, helps fight pollution triggers that lead to premature skin aging.

PETER THOMAS ROTH – UnWrinkle Peel Pads – $45.00

As mentioned above, chemical exfoliants featuring AHAs and BHAs are the way to go now. They are not only more effective at the cellular level but are also not abrasive unlike the traditional scrubs.


These ones in particular – PETER THOMAS ROTH – UnWrinkle Peel Pads – not only contain alpha, beta, gamma exfoliators but also, have peptide building blocks, amino acids and a range of vitamins including vitamins A, C, D, E & F. unlike many other peels on the block, these peel pads are alcohol and fragrance free which makes them an even better choice for your skin.

Donna Bella Cosmetics – 24K Collagen Radiance Renewal Serum – $145

If there is one product that you should really not think about splurging on in your skin care routine – it’s the facial serum. And, we have just the right pick for you.

Donna Bella Cosmetics – 24K Collagen Radiance Renewal Serum is the gold standard in anti-aging world. It is luxurious, it is opulent, it is worth every cent spent.


Formulated with 24 Karat Gold, the serum penetrates the skin quickly and diminishes lines and wrinkles, while re-vitalizing and illuminating your skin. Gold has been a preferred choice of ingredient for beauties like Cleopetra and celebrities like Kim Kardashian. D’OR 24K Collagen super serum provides just the right amount of all the gold goodness to hydrate your skin, fight free radicals and prevent future signs of aging.

Simply Venom – Night Cream – $69

Your skin works much harder at night to recuperate from the ill-effects of the day and to rejuvenate itself for the next. A good night cream or a sleeping mask helps it achieve its goal more efficiently and much more effectively.

Simply Venom – Night Cream contains a synthetic peptide compound, works like snake venom and simulates muscle relaxing. The night cream absorbs quickly and leaves behind no sticky residue or tacky feeling.


While you sleep, the cream works to hydrate your skin, activates collagen production and reduces fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of sagging skin. The rich, velvety texture makes it feel like a luxury to put on and the added benefit of absence of irritating fragrance, parabens, gluten, or dyes makes it the perfect skin care splurge.

BABOR – Doctor Babor Lifting Rx Vitamin C Concentrate – $99

Vitamin C is the superstar ingredient of the skin care world. While the benefits are many including brightening of the skin, fighting hyperpigmentation, collagen synthesis and fighting the damaging effects of free radicals, the ingredient is quite unstable to begin with. Proper formulation and packaging is extremely necessary in all Vitamin C products, which is why our pick, BABOR – Doctor Babor Lifting Rx Vitamin C Concentrate as an intensive treatment is perfect to say the least.


The product comes in an airless, opaque dropper bottle, making it super easy to apply and keep it fresh and effective for as long as possible. It is an effective active concentrate with a 20% pure vitamin C derivative for use as a 6 week intensive treatment. Results? Smooth, even, youthful, lifted-looking skin that we all so badly want!

While we love our luxury splurges, we are equal fans of beauty steals! Keep an eye out for Affordable Skin Care Products all UNDER $30 next week at the blog!

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