How many brands have built an empire around just one product? Not many. BeautyBlender is one of those brands. The brand is known for its iconic make sponges that have changed the face of makeup, literally and figuratively. The brand was created in 2007, and their sponges have become a staple ever since. There is hardly any makeup artist of influencer who doesn’t swear by these tear shaped squishies.

While BeautyBlender seems like a recent rage, their sponges have been around for a while. However, they were originally created for makeup for high definition TV. Rea Anne Silva wanted to create a sponge that can give a complete and smooth coverage that will look impeccable in high definition. The sponge was first used on the cast of the Girlfriends, and Tracee Ellis Ross was one of the first people to enjoy the flawless finish it can offer.

Over the time, the brand has expanded its product line to many beauty blender related tools and accessories. This year, they even ventured into the makeup industry with their own line of foundations.

Behind the Scenes of BeautyBlender’s Success

BeautyBlender has given us one of the most fascinating success stories in this business. The creator, Silva, used her decade’s worth of knowledge about makeup and special effect to create a sponge that can limit product loss while providing an airbrushed finish. The unique skin-like texture of the beauty blender sponge allows for maximum coverage with the least amount of product. It is a finish that looks just as good in real life as it does on camera.

Ask any makeup enthusiast and they would name beauty blender as their favorite make up application tool. It can be used with liquids as well as powders. The teardrop shape makes it perfect for application of bronzers and blush as well. The sponge is supposed to be used in tapping motions instead of swipe. The tapping allows the foundation to blend in your skin.

The product has won numerous beauty awards. The company now offers beauty blender sponges in different sizes for better application on hard-to-reach areas.

What Makes Pink Beauty Blender So Iconic?

The bright pink color of the original beauty blender has become an iconic shade of beauty. However, according to Silva, it was more of an accident than a choice. It was the color manufacturers randomly picked for the prototype. They even explicitly asked Silva to ignore the bright color, but she actually loved it. However, the brand later introduced the beauty blender in many colors including black, white, nude, and blue.

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