Corn flour to set your makeup? Hemorrhoids cream to de-puff under eyes? Hairspray as a setting spray for your face? Chaffing gel as a makeup primer?

You know you have tried them all. And, while some of these gimmicky tricks might have worked for your skin and makeup, these are doing you more harm than good. So instead of presenting you guys with more such hacks, we bring to you 15 tips and tricks from expert celebrity MUAs for all your beauty woes and to help change your beauty game forever.

1. Even, Unblemished Self-Tanner

Avoid self-tanner streaks by diluting it with a little body moisturizer. This will not only prevent streaks but also give you a more natural finish.

2. Wrinkle-free Skin

NYC dermatologist, Heidi A. Waldorf recommends using satin or silk pillowcases to prevent wrinkles and deep lines on the side of the face you sleep on. And, ofcourse, a tonne of anti-aging products to slow down the process altogether.

3. Glowing Skin

If your skin looks dehydrated from all the summer sun and air-conditioner exposure, try this DIY mask by Niki Metz to get “the most beautiful glow you have ever seen”.

Mix one egg yolk and a tablespoon of virgin olive oil and apply it all over your face for 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water for the ultimate hydrating treatment.

4. DIY Facelift

For a temporary facelift before a big event, Niki Metz suggests using an egg white. Whisk an egg white till its frothy and apply it all over your face, especially around the eyes. Let it do its magic for 20 minutes and rinse off with warm water for firmer looking, youthful skin.

5. Smooth, Calm Skin

Ingredient specialist, Michele VanLandingham, advises using products with ingredients such as Rose and Lavender to calm down inflamed skin.

6. Hydrated, Plump Lips

Don’t want to spend more on a separate lip product? Use a rich eye cream on your lips to hydrate them. Make sure that the formula is moisturizing rather than firming which usually translates to drying.

7. Soft Hands

Founder of Creative Nail Design, Jan Arnold, recommends exfoliating your hands regularly and then, slathering them with a rich hand cream to make up for the lesser oil glands and drying agents such as paper towels and water. Yeah, you read it right: water!

8. Fuller Lips

If you have thin lips and are looking for a more Kylie effect, go for a glossy look. Dab a shimmery lip gloss right in the middle of your lower lip on top of your favorite lipstick to give a fuller lip vision. Fuller lips will also make your face look slimmer.

Moreover, you can also outline your lips with a bronzer (two shades deeper than your skin tone). Use a concealer brush for a more precise contour.

9. Flawless Complexion

Avoid caking on the concealer to fix your flaws. Instead, use color correctors specified for each purpose: Orange for under eye circles and green to counteract redness.

10. Thick, Groomed Brows

Full brows are all the rage this year. If you have thin eyebrows, avoid over-tweezing and instead apply a protein based brow gel to grow them back and to define unruly brows. Further, fill them out with brow fillers. Finish off with a dab of highlighter just underneath the brow bone to give your eyes a lift.

11. Fuller, Thicker Lashes

If you have thin lashes and are looking for some extra volume without using an OTT expensive mascara, try this trick by MUA, Rocio Matos. Apply baby powder on your lashes between your mascara coats to give them a thicker and fuller look without having to use falsies or extensions.

12. Hollywood Glow

If your makeup is falling flat and you need that gorgeous Hollywood glow, dust a nude shimmering eye shadow above your cheekbones, as suggested by celebrity MUA, Rob Harmon. The idea behind using an eye shadow color instead of a cheek color is that while the ingredients for both are similar, the pigments used are different.

13. The Perfect Red Lip

If you can’t find the perfect red shade for your skin tone, use this trick celebrity MUA, James Vincent, to create your own version of the perfect red.

Use the same tone of red lipstick as your skin: cool toned for cool skin tones and warm reds warm skin tones. Then, use the opposite tone red just at the center of the lip for a fuller and customized red lip.

Also, creator of Pixi, Petra Strand, recommends putting a color corrector all over your lips before applying lipstick, to neutralize your natural lip color and make the actual lipstick appear brighter and more true to its color.

14. Youthful Skin

Celebrity MUA, Deanna Melluso, creates an illusion of youth by using a luminizer in the inner corner of the eye and then, following it up by dusting a layer underneath the eye, using a fan brush. This makes the eyes and skin both appear brighter and more fresh.

15. Radiant Foundation

If you don’t have a luminzer on hand and your foundation lacks dewiness, creative director of Givenchy beauty, Nicolas Degennes, suggests mixing in a little pearl white or gold eye shadow to your foundation for an instantly radiant complexion.

For a natural glow just on the apples of your cheeks, celebrity MUA, James Vincent applies a bright, warm pink blush before applying the foundation. It looks more natural and appears as if the skin is glowing rather than a makeup effect.

Vincent also suggests using two shades of blush for “the perfect flush of youth”. Apply a pink shade on the apples of the cheek for “the effect of blood coming to the surface”, followed by peach shade on the highest point of the cheekbone, for “the effect of heat rising”. The look should be finished by using a matte bronzer on areas of the face, where the sun hits it naturally: cheekbone, chin, forehead and the bridge of the nose.

Share with us your favorite beauty tips and tricks!

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  1. I like all these good examples to make you look better, thank you. I would like info on which cosmetic to use, for lifting sagging skin on my face, i cannot afford expesive cosmetics. My skin is very dry.

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