With the sun getting a bad rep and the grey weather making it anyway difficult for you to bring your best sun kissed look forward, here is our guide to a fuss-free faux tan – that isn’t orange, streaky or a short-lived patchy mess.

The beauty industry has literally flooded with self-tanning products in the past couple of years as the sun tans and tanning beds got the flak for doing more harm than good. But how do you choose from the different brands and the huge number of varied self-tanning and bronzing products that they offer?

We and the rest of the beauty world loves Vita Liberata products simply because they provide the perfect range of colors with the latest technologies on the block incorporated in their products. Their products give you the exact gorgeous glow you are looking for, they dry instantly making them transfer-proof, they give a non-streaky finish, are long-lasting and fade evenly.

And, oh, also because celebrities love them.

Prepping for your Faux Glow

The glow doesn’t come easy. Well, it does, but you still need to prep for it.

Experts recommend exfoliating and moisturizing the skin before self-tanning to give a more even finish and a gorgeous golden glow. Preferably, look for a product like Vita Liberata Super Fine Skin Polish that does both in one go to make the prep easier. The product contains Jojoba beads to exfoliate and a range of oils to hydrate and condition the skin.

Next up, get your mitts on. Literally. Because, otherwise, you will have orange palms that are not very flattering unless you are going for the Garfield look. Pick a soft, reusable mitt like Vita Liberata Tanning Mitt that works for both your face and body and does not absorb too much product.

Which Products to Use and How to Use Them?

The market in general and the Vita Liberata brand provides a range of self-tanning products including instant ones and gradual ones, in the mousse form and in the lotion form, with skincare and SPF products thrown in for good measure.

Gradual Tans like the Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion build up to more even colors but if you haven’t got the time and patience like us, opt for instant ones, like the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards Winner 2017, Vita Liberata Ten Minute Tan which allows you to shower off the initial application right after 10 minutes flat and builds up color within 4 to 6 hours or a slower but more long-lasting one (up to 4 times more) the CEW Beauty Awards Finalist 2015, Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan that you can wash off after 4 to 8 hours or the express ones like the Vita Liberata Rapid Fast Acting Tanning Mousse which allows you to select the darkness of the color simply by showering after an hour to three hours, depending on how dark you want the tan to be. In any case, these tans dry instantly and allow you to redress immediately.

Regarding the different types of self-tanners within the product ranges: pick a mousse formulation if you have normal, combination and oily skin type, a lotion or an oil if you have dry, sensitive and mature skin type.

In any case, the application remains the same and according to Alyson Hogg, founder of Vita Liberata, here is how you do it for an even, gorgeous golden glow:

Once you have the tanning base on with these products, you can top them by bronzing/self-tanning makeup products like the Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish 24HR Wear that perfects the complexion by masking blemishes and reflecting light for a more photo-ready look and the Vita Liberata TRYSTAL Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals Bronze that helps you contour your face for a more chiseled look all the while building up the tan that lasts up to 5 days.

Here is how to amp up your self-ran using Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish 24HR WearYou can either apply it using your hands or a brush:

If you are still not satisfied with the obvious golden perfection, use Vita Liberata TRYSTAL Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals Bronze  for the coveted Snapchat filter look:

Not only do celebrities love the brand, beauty bloggers rave about them equally much. Here is a detailed review and a How To on the tanning routine of the immensely popular Youtuber, Sineady Cady of The Makeup Chair:

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And, guess what? These self-tanners are not only for women. MUA and Youtube Blogger, Wayne Goss, thinks this Vita Liberata product is the BEST FAKE TAN EVER:

Products Mentioned: Vita Liberata Self Tan Dry Oil 3 in 1 SPF 50 With Marula Oil

Self-Tanning Mishaps

If you are too lazy forget to use tanning mitts and end up with orange hands, here is a quick tip to fix the disaster. DO NOT USE THIS TRICK TO REMOVE SELF TAN:

You can also use a mix of lemon juice and baking soda to get rid of orange palms and to fix tanning mistakes over difficult areas such as knees, elbows and ankles.

If your tan has faded unevenly due to some reason, simply put some self-tanner on a paper towel and blot the areas that need fixing.

Self-Tanning Skincare

While these products do come with skin nourishing ingredients, it’s never a bad idea to do more. And you can do all that with the Vita Liberata Self Tanning Anti Age Serum that gives a natural-looking tan, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and plumps and hydrates the skin and the Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask that delivers a stunning natural glow by morning, along with intense hydration, overnight rejuvenation and anti-aging benefits.

You are authentically sun kissed now. You are welcome.