You are authentically sun kissed now. You are welcome.

Self-tanning is a nice way to get a warm glow, but, to do it right, requires a little time and preparation.

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Bruises happen all the time – maybe you bumped into the coffee table in your living room or whacked your elbow on a door frame – but they’re not very attractive.

Recently, Scarlett Johansson’s been seen out and about in New York City sporting a new wrist tattoo that defines her love of the city.

If you’re planning to wear a strapless dress for an upcoming holiday party, you may want to start paying attention to your decolletage.

In this product video, Beauty Bridge makeup artist Erica Carr discusses Babor Camouflage Cream.

Whatever your motives are, there may come a time when you find that it simply won’t do to have your tattoo visible.

If you’re going somewhere in a minidress or a pair of shorts, chances are you want your legs to look as taut and smooth as possible.