Never take your morning time for granted! Mornings can be the determining factor of a good or a bad day. A daily routine that combines nutrition, movement and positive mental tasks is the best way to prepare our bodies for the everyday stressors that come our way. Here is some useful advice on how to start your day right with 5 healthy habits.

1. Serious Stretching

You do not need to get out of bed to start an exercise routine. There are several stretching programs that can help shake off the sleepiness, while also helping your muscles to release tension and energy. A 15-minute stretching routine will benefit both the smaller and larger muscle groups. It can also prevent those neck and shoulder pains that result from sleeping in a bad position.

2. Hydrate

Consider this: You have been asleep with no food or drink for approximately 8 hours. While the human body can go days without food, hydration is of the essence. Make yourself a refreshing, water-based “mocktail” every evening, and keep it in the refrigerator to consume in the morning. Make it 16 ounces or larger so that you can have your first two glasses of water (remember, you need 8 every day at least) as early as you can. A sparkling water mocktail mixed with natural fruit juices, and sweetened naturally, is a wonderful alternative to diet sodas, sweet teas, and even coffee.

3. Eat Breakfast Like You Mean It

Treat yourself to different breakfast menus by cooking our weekly breakfasts during the weekends. Nowadays there are many nut-based baking flours that can help you cut back on carbs, calories and starch content while still being able to eat bread. Coconut flour muffins, fruit and nut flapjacks, or a ready-made mix of almond flour pancakes will make you mornings both fun and healthy.

4. Mind your Alarm Clock

Unless you enjoy loud and annoying noises in the morning, a good idea after checking your alarm clock for accuracy every night is to also find alternative sounds to wake you up. Nature sounds, soft melodies, or upbeat music will immediately put you in a good mood right as you awake.

5. Make time for Meditation

Waking up every day is an opportunity for a new beginning. Many do not realize that the 24 hours that we experience every day are a gift that not everyone gets. If you make a habit of waking up just a bit earlier, you may be able to squeeze in a few minutes to meditate about where you are in life. Having this personal conversation may enlighten your day in different ways, as you may come to discover emotions that you did not know were lurking within. Taking time to address your inner guide is perhaps the best you can do to start off your day perfectly.

Just create the habits, and the benefits will come on their own. Start your morning off right and the rest of your day will follow suit.