If you’ve ever been to Canada in the winter you know how intense the season can be. The air is freezing and dry and can be damaging to the skin.

One winter, while fishing in Northern Canada, a chemist named Ben Kamins become aware of something very curious—the sturdy maple trees surrounding the fishing lake looked to be the only vegetation that survived the winter elements. On a gut feeling Kamins began studies immediately.

X What he discovered was that the serum within the trees was rich in life-sustaining resources such as antioxidants, minerals, polysaccharides, alpha-hydroxy acids and preservatives. In addition, the serum had a large moisture content and was not greasy, making it the perfect material from which to make skin care products.

Quickly after these findings B. Kamins skin care products were born. And, all consumers can buy with ease as these natural products are dermatologist recommended and are not ever tested on animals.

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