Most cosmetic trends are geared toward women over the age of 20 – after all, a girl attending her junior prom would look inappropriate with a smoky eye or a bold red lip. However, there is one trend that looks phenomenal on gals of any age, made apparent by the lovely ladies of the new movie Never Let Me Go.

At the BFI London Film Festival, Carey Mulligan looked lovely with simple but elegant makeup. The 25-year-old actress wore black eyeliner on her top lids only, and boasted some seriously lengthened lashes. She finished with little more than a touch of pale pink blush and sheer lip gloss.

Mulligan’s co-star, 14-year-old Ella Purnell, donned similar makeup at the film’s premiere. The young starlet emphasized her eyes with a thick stripe of black liner across her upper lash line, adding a bit of extra definition with a light brown liner beneath her lower lashes. Purnell completed the look with black mascara, sheer rose-colored blush and lip gloss.

Wearing black eyeliner on only your upper lash line is a great way to play-up your eyes without overwhelming the rest of your face, making it a wonderful option for young women who want subtle definition, as well as for more mature ladies who want a fresh-faced, wide-eyed look.

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