It should never be shocking to see a Hollywood star show up on the red carpet with a flawless-looking face – after all, the celeb most likely has a team of makeup artists and stylists who work around the clock to perfect the dynamite look. It may be surprising, however, when a starlet’s look is easy to recreate, no matter how inexperienced you are wielding a wand of mascara.

At the London premiere of Never Let Me Go, Keira Knightley looked absolutely stunning, as she boasted some intensly sexy eye makeup. And, with a bit of inside information from her makeup artist, any woman can replicate Knightley’s sultry stare.

“I wanted the makeup to create an iconic image that would still look current years from now,” makeup artist Kate Lee told InStyle.

Lee told the news source that she heavily lined Knightley’s eyes with a black kohl liner, smudging the pencil at the outside corners. She dabbed on platinum and gold-colored cream shadows to the center of the lid and browbone, applied a few fake lashes and then finished the look by applying multiple coats of mascara.

While this look may not be appropriate for a day at the office, women who are preparing for a fun night out can try recreating Knightley’s intense eye makeup.