It seems that people across the nation have come down with Mad Men fever, and now that the show’s fourth season has ended, ladies looking for their fix may want to raid the beauty department. According to, Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant collaborated with Nailtini to produce a limited-edition set of four nail polishes.

“I’ve been inspired as much by classic cocktail culture as by vintage treasures from the fabric store,” Bryant told the news source. “Rich velvets, heavy satins and opulent lamés are the makings of classic cocktail attire, and the inspiration for my Nailtini collection.”

The collection features four beautiful shades – Bourbon Satin (a metallic brown), French 75 (gold), Deauville (silver) and Stinger (iridescent plum-black). The news source reports that experts recommend mixing the colors together to create custom looks, a process they refer to as “cocktailing.”

In addition to the Mad Men collection, Nailtini also offers a few other cocktail-themed sets, such as Mini Bar Bloody Mary You Call It Nail Cocktail Collection, which are perfect gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

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