There are few things more tragic than a woman out on the town wearing a shade of foundation that’s just wrong for her skin. Given that it’s not always polite to approach a total stranger, we thought we’d do the next best thing and publish some advice to help ladies everywhere find their true match.

First off, “never underestimate the power of natural light to pick the correct shade,” makeup artist Joy Pomante told Rochester-Rochester Hills Patch.

When selecting makeup, always try to avoid the harsh, fluorescent lighting that is often found in the stores. If you can apply it to your jawline in a setting filled with natural light, you’ll get the best indication of whether the shade is meant for you. Remember: a foundation should blend seamlessly into your skin.

If you can’t get to a spot outdoors, the next best trick involves dabbing the makeup on the underside of your wrist. This spot of skin is often the closest match to the skin on your face, so if the shade works here, it’ll probably be good for you.

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