Lady Gaga is an icon to many, and an utter and complete role model to some – shall we say – monsters. However, the pop star recently made it clear that we should err on the side of caution when following her lead, especially when it comes to beauty advice.

Gaga told that she goes to bed with makeup on virtually every night of the week. “That is not good for your skin, but I’m blessed with good genes,” she reasoned to the news source.

However, Gaga is wise when it comes to other things, especially protecting her skin. The singer told the news source that she rarely leaves the house without sunscreen. “I don’t like to tan my face because it’s bad for wrinkles,” she said.

To make the most of what we can learn from this diva, use a full body sunscreen and moisturizer that contains an SPF of at least 15. Products such as foundations and lip treatments may also help protect you from sun damage. And as for that makeup? Wiping your slate clean before bed is generally a good thing.

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