After years of attempting to tame frizzy, unruly locks, it looks as though it’s finally time for curly-haired gals to embrace their natural tresses.

“It’s back – in a big way,” reports. The poofed-out, Amazonian look of the ’80s has surely been cropping up on the runways as of late, and we’ll likely be seeing plenty of these teased-out trends on the streets in no time at all.

“Apply a volumizer to damp roots, blow-dry while scrunching to coax out texture,” the news source advises. “Then use a crimping iron on one-inch sections and gently brush out. Tease and hairspray.”

Many of us never thought we’d be instructed to tease our hair again, but if you’re looking for a good volumizing product to add to your arsenal, forget the Aquanet and go for the best of what the modern world has to offer. Use Leonor Greyl Voluforme or Structure Naturelle. Voluforme assists with curl creation and reduces blow-drying time.

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