Even if you’re a professional when it comes to applying eyeliner and mascara, you may not be a whiz when it comes to fake eyelashes. Even though they seem simple enough, it can be difficult to apply them the right way without worrying about whether they’re going to fall off in the middle of a conversation. Here’s a step-by-step guide, according to Glamour magazine’s beauty blog.

1. Put on all of your makeup as usual, including eyeliner and mascara.
2. Cut the strip of fake lashes so they fit your eye, lining them up along your upper lash line.
3. Apply lash glue to the back end of the lashes, bending the strip into a slight U-shape while you let the glue dry for about 10 seconds.
4. Line up the strip with your lash line, then press it as close to your actual eyelashes as possible. Use the end of a brush, like Dual Eye Liner/Brow Brush to press along the strip.
5. Once you’re done, you may want to take a lash curler, like a Heated Lash Curler, to make your real lashes blend better with the fake ones. An extra swipe of eyeliner over the glue line can also help it look more real.

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