You’ve probably noticed that when your nails are bare, there’s a light, moon-like shape on the upper portion of your nails, right underneath the cuticle. Instead of focusing your manicure on more traditional areas, like the tips of your nails, it could be fun to play up the half moon.

To create it for yourself, you’ll need two different nail colors. Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers has plenty of options to choose from, so be creative. You’ll also need 10 circular reinforcement stickers, which you can get from an office supply store. They’re used to make 3-hole punches more secure.

Paint your nails with a base coat, then use one color to paint your whole nail. Do two coats, then let them dry completely. You might want to wait a day to add the half moon shapes. Once you’re ready, cut a slit into the stickers so they don’t bend, then place them on your nails so you have a guide to make the shape up top. Clean up any stray polish with Nail Color Remover, then apply a top coat to seal it in.

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