Not all makeup rules work the same, and this is certainly true when it comes to the differences between white and black skin tones. With a few tips and tricks that keep their beauty needs in mind, ladies of color can maximize their potential to glow and find colors and products that complement their complexions.

Liquid foundation is often the base of choice, as black skin is less prone to breakouts but tends to be have a more uneven appearance. When choosing the correct color, it’s generally better to opt for a shade that’s darker rather than lighter to prevent a shiny or patchy look, according to Dust a bit of matching translucent powder on your skin to set your makeup.

As for blushes, dark-skinned women look best with deeper shades of plum and rose – browns and peachy colors should be avoided.

Eyeshadows in bronze, gold and copper families tend to highlight the natural beauty of dark skin best, but a light shade of silver or gold can pop like wildfire as well.

As for your pout, you probably don’t need a lot of lipliner if you’ve already got a full, sensuous mouth. Go for clear glosses to make your lips shine or a peach or bronze lipstick.

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