Running low on new and unusual things to try when you paint your nails? Consider revamping your manicure just a touch with what calls a “one of these nails is not like the other” nail polish idea.

Vanessa Hudgens recently championed this look, complementing her silvery moonbeam dress with taupe nail polish on all fingers except the fourth, which sparkled in a white gold glitter shade.

This now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t unexpected pop of color has been cropping up quite a bit as of late, and this certainly isn’t the first time Vanessa donned the look. The key here is to choose coordinating colors (the taupe and glitter shade worked perfectly together, especially against her dress) – having the odd finger out be painted in a slightly lighter variant of the dominant color is usually the way to go.

Placement is also important – while most ladies choose their fourth fingers as the odd man out, this look can also be equally stunning with the pointer finger bearing the unexpected shade. Any other finger might look odd or out of place.

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