So many of us have had that moment – you know, the one where you sigh and lean back, content with the flawless manicure you just pulled off, only to hit your hand against something and recoil in horror as you see your hard work endure the worst kind of smear campaign.

As it turns out, this is easier to remedy than most of us think, and you don’t even have to take it off and start all over.

“Dip the pad of your index finger in polish remover and gently rub the smudge in small circles to smooth it out,” celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik told “Finish with a new layer of top coat.”

Another useful trick to help take the tedium out of nail care is to find an effective nail polish remover that isn’t such a pain to use. For the perfect example of what we mean, check out Babor‘s Nail Color Corrector – it looks just like a pen, but it’s actually designed for easy, on-the-go polish removal.

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