If there’s one part of a gal’s beauty routine that can be downright tough, it’s applying eyeliner without winding up with squiggly, smudged black gunk all over your face. Whether you’re an eyeliner novice or a kohl pro, every girl can use a few tips when it comes to making her eye makeup look drop dead gorgeous. Here are our tips for the perfectly-lined eye.

First, it’s important not to forget to line your waterline. The waterline is that moist, pink area that rims the inside of your eyelid, and if you forgot to line it, you could wind up with an awkward look that seems incomplete. Gently pull down on your lower lid and use a gel liner and a brush, rather than a pencil, to fill in and completely cover the pink part of your eyelid. But be careful, especially if you wear contact lenses – a smudge of waterproof eyeliner is difficult to remove from a lens!

Next, line the outer rims of your eyelids. Make the line slightly thicker on your upper lid, and thicken it further as you get toward the outside corner of your eye. This will give your lashes the illusion of added volume. If you’re feeling retro, you can even make a gentle upsweeping motion at the edge of your eye for a winged look that’s sophisticated and classic.

Finally, set your eye makeup with a translucent powder or a makeup setting spray for a look that’ll last all day long.

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