August 4, 2011

Summer Beauty Tips

Summer’s winding down, but the thermometers are still heating up. If you’ve spent the summer with makeup melting off your face by midday in the stifling heat, it’s time to change things up with these tips! It’s not too late to make the most of the rest of your summer with these easy, fun makeup tricks and secrets that’ll have you look beautiful all day long – and well into the night.

To make sure your foundation stays put all day, we have one word: primer. Primer will help keep your makeup in place no matter how hot things get, since it puts an extra layer between your skin (which, let’s face it, might get a little sweaty) and your foundation. Once you’ve applied your cosmetics, finish with a translucent powder for added staying power. Pick one with a little shimmer for a dewy, summery look.

When it comes to spending time in the summer sun, you need makeup that does double duty. Look for foundations and powders that are SPF25 or higher to keep your face from getting red, irritated and sunburned, even if you’ll only be outdoors briefly. Apply lip balm over your lipstick for lip protection, and you won’t wind up with a chapped, cracked pout.

If your skin tends to get oily in the humidity, carry around some small oil-absorbing wipes. You can swipe them over your nose, cheeks and forehead without disturbing your makeup, and they’ll sop up all that extra shine in no time flat!

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  1. Thanks for this advice.It really helped me a lot .:) just want to ask what’s the best brand of primer?

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