While many people head to the beauty department when they need cosmetic assistance, it seems that a few stop by the craft store. Recently, more and more women are admitting to using permanent markers as makeup.

According to Allure.com, this makeshift beauty tool has been used as mascara, eyeliner and hair dye. Even Hollywood heavyweights like Taylor Swift and industry insiders like makeup artist Troy Surratt have gotten cosmetic assistance from permanent markers.

And though these felt-tipped pens may be easy-to-use and long-lasting, gals may want to stick to traditional beauty products instead.

“I have to strongly come out against using it as eyeliner or mascara. You don’t want those ingredients so close to your eyes,” dermatologist Ranella Hirsch told the news source.

However, a permanent marker may still have some cosmetic value. Hirsch added that it’s safe to use for an occasional root touch-up, though extended use could dry out your locks.

Women looking for long-lasting cosmetics may want to try products from blinc. Their water-resistant formulas last for hours and won’t run or smudge throughout the day.

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  1. Oh no that’s terrible! That’s like bleaching your hair with pure chlorine!

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