If there is one thing that Taylor Swift is known for besides her country hits, it’s her beautiful blond hair. Swift’s strands look great straight, but it’s her natural curls that we really flip for.

So how does Taylor maintain her magnificent mane? Apparently, the sweet songstress has Mother Nature to thank.

“I haven’t blow-dried my hair since I was 9. I can’t do it. I’m really impatient, so I just let it air dry,” Swift told People magazine. “I was a tangled-haired, barefoot kid running around on a farm for my childhood. My mom didn’t really do too much to my hair other than sometimes she’d stick it up in a bow on top of my head.”

And while she may not swear by hair products, she certainly embraces the world of cosmetics.

“I like liquid [eyeliner] and it’s usually jet black. The basics are eyeliner, foundation and some sort of lip color … red, of course!” she added.

Gals who want to look like the country crooner should flip through magazines to find a picture of Swift they would like to mimic and invest in the right products to recreate the look.

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