While climate, weather and the elements can take their toll on your hair, if you notice your locks looking less than lustrous, your haircare routine may be to blame.

“A lot of girls don’t realize that regular use of their favorite shampoo, conditioner and other styling products leave a residue on their hair which prevents it from being really shiny,” actress Vanessa Hudgens told StyleList.com.

Luckily, New York salon owner and stylist Mark Garrison spoke to the news source and offered up a few tips to fighting grimy, dull-looking strands due to product build-up.

First, Garrison recommends that women avoid waxes, serums, hair sprays and cheap conditioners, as these are most likely to leave behind residue. When you do apply styling treatments, use the smallest amount possible and don’t use too many different products at one time.

However, there are some that can help reduce dulling build-up. A clarifying treatment, such as June Jacobs Citrus Clarifying Shampoo, is a deep cleansing formula that will revitalize your locks. But Garrison cautions against using the hair shampoo too often.

“Only use it when your hair really feels loaded up with gunk,” Garrison told the news source.

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