The Art Deco era is having a moment in fashion. From jewelry to clothing and makeup, there’s just something about the elegant designs that seems to translate well in any situation. If you want to incorporate the Art Deco trend into your style, there’s nothing better than a themed manicure.

The Beauty Department came up with a fabulously easy way to transform your nails into an Art Deco masterpiece. All it takes are three different colors of polish, and you don’t have to be very artistic – bonus!

Pick up a selection of colors from Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers. You might want to think about using shades like beige, white, black, brown, silver and gold, which look great together and are understated enough to be considered elegant. Any combination of three will look good.

Paint your whole nail a base color, then use a round-tipped brush to create rounded shapes on the bottom half of your nail. Go over the very bottom with a third color so that the second color is only a line peeking out. You should end up with a pretty scalloped effect.

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