December 27, 2011

Avoid Obvious Lip Liner

If you’re gearing up for a fun night out this New Year’s Eve, you’re probably looking for a few ways to make your appearance flawless. It’s all about the little details, so nothing can be overlooked, including your lipstick.

Lip liner is a great way to ensure that your pout doesn’t stray over the course of the night, but sometimes it can be totally obvious that you’re wearing it, especially if you choose the wrong shade that doesn’t match your lipstick.

That’s why Allure magazine recommends using a lip liner in the same shade as your natural lips. Lip Pencils have plenty of colors to choose from, so you can find the hue that’s just right.

If your lipstick doesn’t tend to bleed much, you don’t have to use a lip liner. Just apply lipstick, like Sothys – Hydra-Glide Lipstick, using your finger. The edges won’t be obvious, but you’ll still get a pop of fresh color. The last thing you should be worrying about on New Year’s Eve is your lip liner!

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