Strong eyebrows were the focus of practically every runway show this year, and it’s safe to say that the bold brow trend will resurface in 2012. If you’re thinking of beefing up yours, put down those tweezers and pick up some brow powder.

According to Allure magazine, powders are easier to manage than pencils when it comes to defining your brows. Pencils can drag and look too harsh, but powders are always soft and manageable. You can use as much or as little as you want to get the exact thickness and shape you’re going for.

2 + 1 for Brow Sets have a variety of shades to mix and match for that perfect hue, whether you want your brows noticeably dark or light. Simply comb your brows upward and out, then use the powder to make the arches a bit thicker and cover up any sparse areas. You may want to use something like a Brow Gel to ensure that your brows stay perfect all day long.

The most fashionable shape for bold brows is squared with tapered ends, which is the perfect combination of boldness and elegance.

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