New Year’s Eve is a time to be daring and bold about your makeup choices, so don’t even think about reaching for the same old eyeshadow and eyeliner combination. This year, instead of sticking to the same browns and blacks to create a stunning eye makeup look, why not go festive with a touch of red?

Red eyeshadow might sound like a recipe for disaster, as it’s not easy to find the perfect shade. Red-rimmed eyes can make you look a bit sickly, but a bit of red eyeliner is all you need for a pop of color that’s unexpected.

Liquid Eye Liner might look great if you want a darker shade, or even a lip liner pencil would work. Just use it to line your upper lash line, then seal it with a translucent powder. You may want to try a slightly winged line for a retro effect or add a touch of glitter.

Finish off the look with a long-lasting mascara, like Blinc – Mascara. You won’t have to worry about any smudging while you’re having a blast on New Year’s Eve.

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