If you think you’re immune to the occasional concealer blunder, check out a few photos of famous celebrity makeup faux-pas to further convince yourself that sometimes, just sometimes, you should take extra precaution when stepping out before a camera lens.

With enough raccoon eyes and faces doused in flour to last us a lifetime, it’s important for women everywhere to know what there is to know about applying cover-up correctly. When there’s not enough, it fails to do its job, but when there’s too much (and of the wrong kind), you’d better wish you’d scrapped the makeup altogether.

According to Glamour.com, it’s actually not wise to choose a concealer for your under-eye circles that’s lighter than your skin tone, as this is what often contributes to the goggles-in-the-tanning-bed look.

Instead, go for a concealer that matches the rest of your skin tone and add little by little until you’ve got just the right amount of coverage. Using your finger is smart, too, as the warmth of your touch can help the product blend all the more seamlessly into your skin.

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