As we age, we tend to go further and further in the search for wrinkle-busting tips and tricks. From high-end skincare treatments to simple makeup strategies that can help you look younger, there’s an art to navigating the field of sage and (mostly) quack advice.

When it comes to foundation, mature women worry that adding product to their faces will only weigh it down more, but what these ladies don’t know is that the right product can actually help reverse your aging process. Luminescent, light-reflecting formulas can help create a more youthful, photogenic finish, and most products are no longer as heavy as they used to be, and thus totally friendly options for women with lines and wrinkles.

According to, you can even use the point of your makeup brush to get at fine lines when applying your concealer. This trick may not be feasible for deeper wrinkles, but this is one way to help you get closer to achieving that airbrushed look.

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