If you’re a serious runner, running mile after mile in compression shorts, a tight sports bra or a scratchy jersey can leave your skin red, raw and irritated. If chafing is making your runs unpleasant, there are steps you can take to sooth your itchy skin, quench your body and get your complexion back on track.

If you’re not comfortable in your own skin, running is going to be a pain. To ensure that you can stretch and jog without irritation, make sure that your skin is hydrated and moisturized every day before you head out to hit the pavement. The best time to hydrate is after a shower, so grab some moisturizer – and be careful to focus on your skin’s driest spots, like your elbows and knees.

Running for an extended period of time also exposes your body to the damaging rays of the sun, so it’s important to wear plenty of sunscreen to avoid a sunburn. Sunburns aren’t just irritating, they can also threaten your health – so it’s crucial that you apply sunscreen every day, especially to areas of your body that are exposed on a run, like the back of your neck.

Finally, good runners know that the key to avoiding health problems is drinking plenty of water before and after a run – so always keep that bottle full.

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