When you don’t get enough sleep, heavy, dark bags can form under your eyes, giving you a tired and unhealthy look – and for some women, those bags can be very persistent. If you’re tired of always looking like you’re, well, tired, here are a few things you can do to conceal those under-eye circles until they heal for good.

Selecting a concealer for your face is all about matching your skin tone as closely as possible, but when it comes to under-eye bags, you want a concealer with lots of yellow. Yellow will cancel out the purple and blue tones in your tired skin, making your eyes pop and your whole face appear far more alert.

When dotting the concealer on your under-eye circles, always tap – never rub. Rubbing can irritate your skin and won’t conceal the circles as well as gentle taps will, but always be sure to tap until the concealer is fully blended. Add a touch of highlighter under your eyebrow to add to your newly awake appearance, and no one will know that your nights haven’t been as restful as usual.

Of course, the best remedy for under-eye circles is getting plenty of sleep. Try showering at night instead of in the morning for a few extra minutes of sleep – or try going to bed a little earlier so you can still wake up refreshed before work.

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