While being pregnant is a joyous time, it can also take a major toll on your body – and your skin. Your tummy is growing rapidly, which can cause irritation, stretch marks, red, raw skin and more. It’s important to take care of your sensitive skin both while you’re pregnant and after your baby is born to make sure you can get that bikini bod back quick once your little one arrives.

One of the biggest skin hazards of pregnancy is stretch marks. As your body changes to accommodate your growing baby, your breasts and stomach can stretch and distort, leaving you with thick, red bans known as stretch marks. To keep this from occurring, apply a product like Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil or Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter to keep your skin supple and stretchy.

If you do wind up with stretch marks, don’t panic. Over time, the scars will fade to silvery-white, but to help them along you can try a little Mama Mio ZAP See-No-Scar. This product also works wonders on Cesarean section scars! Another brand you should try out is Exuviance Skin Care. Apart from products specifically designed to help you hide those stretch marks, they also offer products that reduce existing wrinkles.

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