In light of Blake Lively’s recent turn to strawberry fields (specifically, we’re referring to her recent redhead conversion), we thought we’d address all of you out there who are probably in the mood for a spring renewal of your own.

Dying your hair isn’t just exciting, it’s a way of reinventing yourself. Whether you’re saying goodbye to your blonde hair for the first time in your life or increasingly lightening up with more highlights, you should be able to change your appearance as often as you see fit without bearing the brunt of all that chemical damage.

Since this isn’t usually the case, however, women should take care to use haircare products that are specifically designed to replenish the health of color-treated hair.

Shampoos and conditioners are often specially formulated for tresses that has sustained chemical damage, but you can go one step further by using a once-a-week hair masque, a nourishing serum or even taking supplements that promote healthy hair.

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