The issue of homeostasis tends to come up a lot – whether we’re talking about regular brain stem functions or the conscious decisions we make to eat a well-rounded diet, moderation always seems to be key and perfect balance an ideal state of being.

According to, the same goes for the state of our skin. Certain pH levels are more desired than others (5.5 is where it’s at), while too much acidity or alkalinity can lead to acne, dryness or other unsightly conditions on our faces.

“You need some acidity to inhibit bacterial growth on the skin,” dermatologist Howard Sobel, MD, told the news source. “Which is why skin that’s too alkaline may, for example, be more susceptible to acne.”

To help restore equilibrium, drop the bar soap (there’s absolutely no reason to use regular soap on your face – ever) and go for gentle cleansers that can add a bit of acidity. Using a glycolic peel, such as Exuviance Performance Peel, can help lower your skin’s pH level, as long as you use it in moderation.

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