It’s not often that we here have seen a totally monochromatic makeup look pulled off so well, but it just goes to show how runway ingenuity completely revolutionizes our concept of what can look good and what can look totally amazing.

Marni makeup master Tom Pecheux created an all-mauve look for models at Fashion Week, which was at once demure and bad-girl sophisticated.

“We’re not using any brushes – the only tool we’re using is our fingers,” Marni revealed to “When you do that, it doesn’t feel like makeup anymore, it feels like a part of you, just soft, natural and casual. It’s a grungy, pretty look, but also very dewy.”

To do this, he smudged a purply liner along the top and bottom lashline, added a matching lipstick color to cheeks in place of blush and dabbed the same eyeliner onto lips, which he prepped with a touch of foundation.

What’s another thing we can take away from all of this? Using makeup in ways you’re not supposed to can reveal quite surprising results.

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