Bamboo has long been praised as a great material for those looking to go green – flooring, furniture and fabrics have all been produced from the fast-growing grass. Now, it seems as though the plant is being used in another innovative way – as a key ingredient in beauty products.

According to Allure magazine, bamboo has “antioxidants to protect skin and hair from environmental exposure, plus polyose, a carbohydrate that helps moisturize.” Ahava Mineral Botanic Bamboo & Pansy Body Wash is an intensely hydrating formula, and even contains proteins to reduce the affects of aging.

Bamboo is also a great ingredient for hair products. “Bamboo contains large amounts of silicon and amino acids, which make the hair harder to damage,” Jim Hammer, a cosmetic chemist, told the news source.

Leonor Greyl Shampooing Creme Moelle de Bambou is a nourishing shampoo formulated for dry and thick strands. It provides locks with volume and shine without weighing hair down.

Don’t forget that your lashes may benefit from this natural ingredient as well! GloMinerals gloWater Resistant Mascara contains bamboo to help seal in moisture and regenerate lash growth.