Whether she’s rocking a smoky eye or a bold red lip, Rachel McAdams usually looks like a million bucks at movie premieres and awards shows. However, it seems the leading lady wasn’t always the poster girl for impeccable makeup.

“My mom never put a lot of emphasis on [looks], so I didn’t either,” she told InStyle magazine. “I was in eighth grade when I wore lipstick for the first time. All my school pictures were me in bright pink lipstick. It was pretty bad.”

McAdams, who trained to be a professional figure skater, also opened up about her competition look. According to the news source, her cosmetic case was filled with nothing but blue and purple eyeshadow.

And while the actress has certainly refined her routine, it seems that she still needs a bit of guidance when it comes to selecting the perfect cosmetics.

“I can’t live without my concealer. And I used to be a total blush whore ’til my sister was like, ‘You have to stop. This is out of control,'” McAdams added.

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