There are a few costumes that are considered old standbys – cat, witch, bride. However, every year there are a few new get-ups that you just know are going to be especially popular, as they reflect a current fad that’s sweeping the nation.

This year, amongst the Jersey Shore characters and YouTube sensations, there is one icon that may be a favorite to impersonate – Lady Gaga!

However, dressing as Ms Bad Romance involves more than a blonde wig and an outfit made of meat. There are actually a variety of beauty products gals should use to transform into Gaga.

According to, ladies should start by lining their eyes with a black liquid liner and then adding on false lashes. For added drama, however, apply two to three coats of mascara on top of the faux fringe.

Lips and cheeks can be kept simple, as a peachy-rose hue for each will keep attention on the intense eyes.

Finally, the news source recommends donning metallic patterned nails. Women can either use patterned nail transfers or create funky designs using a few different bottles of nail polish.