Embracing certain beauty trends is often fun, and many gals don’t think twice before hopping on the bandwagon and trying out a popular, new look. And we’re sure that, soon enough, ladies will be looking to imitate the fresh spin on smoky eyes sported by Claire Danes at the London Film Festival premiere of The King’s Speech.

Danes’ smoldering eye makeup was anything but expected – instead of boasting lids covered in pigment, she emphasized her under-eye region and applied the shadow heavily beneath her lower lash line.

“As a rule of thumb, the color shouldn’t extend too much further than your lower lashes – it starts to look ghoulish if it extends too far down,” makeup artist Troy Surratt told Allure magazine.

Surratt advises women to keep pigment underneath the iris, extending to the outer corners – not toward the inner corner of eyes. “You don’t want to bring eye makeup into your tear troughs, [that] is the area where women put concealer – from the tear duct down.”

Additionally, the makeup expert suggests that gals incorporate warm tones into their smoky, black-lined eyes, as shades of brown will give the look a rich dimension.