While some may consider makeup a necessity for looking their best, women at University Hospital’s Breast Health Center in Augusta, Georgia, use cosmetics to feel better. According to The Augusta Chronicle, the center’s Look Good… Feel Better class taught women how to maintain a great-looking appearance while undergoing cancer treatment, to boost self-confidence and morale during an emotionally and physically trying time.

“There’s not anything real special or different [about the makeup techniques],” cosmetologist Lisa Whittle told the news source. However, there are a few tips that women who are in treatment may want to consider.

As hair can often fall out as a result of various procedures, Whittle stressed the importance of penciling in eyebrows, as they frame the face. For a natural-looking appearance, she recommended using a toothbrush to smooth out pencil lines.

Whittle noted the importance of keeping applicators clean, as weakened immune systems may have a harder time combating built-up bacteria that can collect on brushes.

Those who prefer brushes to disposable applicators and cotton swabs can use a product like being TRUE Cosmetics Daily Brush Care, which disinfects bristles to eliminate bacteria while cleaning and conditioning the applicators.

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